Our Mission

Our mission at Bobwhite Innovative is to use our creativity to help conserve and protect the bobwhite quail population through work with the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative. Our job is to create and sell wildlife paintings of these amazing creatures to raise awareness. Not only will 75% of our proceeds be donated to the NBCI, but we will also aim to educate others about the bobwhite.

How We Got Started

Based in South Carolina, Bobwhite Innovative started as a high school Supervised Agricultural Experiences Project (SAEP).  The idea of the initial project was to paint pictures of bobwhite quail and sell them, donating the profits to an organization dedicated to preserving the bobwhite population. From this, we became a small business hoping to educate others about the  bobwhite. Soon, we decided to donate a large portion of our profits we made from our paintings to the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative, an organization made up of 25 state fish and wildlife agencies and conservation organizations. Through cooperation, education, and teamwork, we hope to impact the bobwhite quail population positively.